Kitty Tan, Travel Marketer | Retail Brand Professional | Events Specialist | Bilingual Radio/Event Presenter/Host

You think attending mandatory courses during work hours is a chore, and waste of time? I challenge you to take one of Titus’ classes, and you will come back with a different opinion. 

After having him as my regular course trainer for two years, he never fails to implement elements of freshness and creativity in each class. His innovative delivery techniques have helped us apply relevant theories in my course of work. He likes to relate theories to funny stories, for better understanding. 

He is humble, personable, always ready to share his knowledge and a man of integrity. Too many recommendable traits about Titus that I can’t even begin to list all here. 

Wanna be a better leader? Titus can help. 🙂

Leo Tan, Careers Advisor, National University of Singapore

Titus conducted a Personal Branding Talk at an NUS HR forum attended by close to 200 Engineering students and got rave reviews on the quality of his talk. All students feedback that he is engaging and interesting and help them gained a better understanding of the topic of personal branding and its importance. Highly recommended for similar talks!!

Paul Andre Norris, Assistant Manager – Service Quality at NTUC Foodfare Co-operative Ltd

If you are ever looking for leadership training, you should not miss the training that Titus has to offer. After attending a session with Titus, I walked away having a much better understanding of my personal leadership qualities which I never knew I had. Keep up the excellent work!!

 Dannie Hamid, Retail Manager at The Cocoa Trees (FOCUS Network Agencies)

If you are looking for someone who is knowledgeable, affable, creative, dynamic, resourceful and warmhearted – Titus possesses all of these. The “golden nugget” is that – he makes learning simple to understand with his intelligent methods to ensure that his participants are able to relate and retain with ease. I always look forward to a session with Titus.

 Jeremy and Suan Ai, Owner of Logos Care Pte Ltd

Titus is a dependable and trustworthy partner. He gives his all and make sure he does his homework. At the same time he is a listener. That enables him to accurately address any needs that may arise. Wonderful to work with.

 Janet Foo, Former Human Resources Director, Watsons Personal Care Stores Pte Ltd

Titus is a dynamic and engaging trainer who is able to relate to his audience. He is very knowledgeable; creativity and reliable. I highly recommend Titus both as a trainer and consultant.

 John Mah, Former Senior Training & Development Executive, Polar Puffs & Cakes Pte Ltd

 Titus is an outstanding practitioner in his field. As a trainer myself, his approach and methodology have impressed me till this day.

 Gayana Aspiranti, Former Human Resources Director, PT Chartis Insurance Indonesia (AIU Indonesia)

Titus is a good Trainer to provide Leadership and Motivational Training. He helped AIU Indonesia once, for 2 days leadership training (Managerial level) in Feb 2009. Based on the training feedback, most participants like the way he conducted the training and found that materials used are supported their needs.

Vivid Savitri, HR Business Partner & Head of Talent Development at PT Chartis Insurance Indonesia

I knew Titus when he worked at AIG S.E. Asia. As a team leader, he balanced focus on achieving target as well as promoting cooperative climate for team to collaborate and share information. As a trainer, Titus was really good in delivering fine-tune presentation to appeal and influence audience, large or small. He spread his enthusiasm and spirit throughout the sessions.

Jill Ng, Senior Manager, Group Advertising & Promotions (Retail)

Titus is a great service quality and change management consultant delivering effective long term solutions even under tight deadlines. His ability to get to the crux of the matter helped close service gaps while transforming the culture of our organisation.

 Parkson Tseung, Former HR Manager Yantian International Container Terminal

Titus is somebody who always delivers exceptional value to his clients.

 Leonard Kwek, Former GM China, SDC Consulting

Titus is a detailed-oriented, dedicated and energetic trainer who was oftentimes pure inspiration to his class with his quick wit and fluent mandarin. He puts in a whole lot of work into every workshop project so as to deliver quality every time. I would not hesitate to recommend him as a top-notch trainer!

 Shen Hong, Finance Director Asia Pacific, Security Technologies, Ingersoll-Rand

Titus was passionate and energetic when he delivered the management skill training program to us, he was capable and knowledgeable for the training content, and he always encouraged the audience to actively participate and practice during and after the training, which really helped us a lot on our career development.

 Ronald Tay, Executive Director, Talent & Leadership- UBS

I had a pleasure of working closely with Titus due to an urgent management development project in China which subsequently led to OTi Consulting’s pioneering business in this key strategic country. Throughout the business development, design and facilitation process, i was impressed greatly by Titus’s passion for China, his energy with the audience and his “can-do” attitude.

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