Put Off Till Tomorrow What You Cannot Do Today


Thomas Jefferson once said “Never put off till tomorrow what you can do today”. That is a great principle to keep to in general. But once a a while i find myself getting better results when i put off till tomorrow what i cannot do today. Here are three reasons why i put off some things i cannot get it done today, till tomorrow.

1. I’m stuck. Sometimes i find myself getting stuck after spending hours at a certain task or project. In particular, tasks that requires my creative thinking. Somehow, spending hours trying to think out of the box gets me stuck in the box. I need a break. Do something else. Step out of the office. Play with my kids. Get my inspiration back tomorrow.

2. These things are not really THAT important. Occasionally i find myself doing things i enjoy, but not a priority. I like to spend hours looking for visuals and videos to support my training workshops, and sometimes i spend a little too much time on it. Stop it! Focus on the real priorities today and do these tomorrow.

3. I need someone else’s help. I get too fixated in wanting to solve a problem or complete a task sometimes. Unfortunately, some of these are not in the area of my strengths and i know someone else who has the expertise to complete this in half the time i need. Why not tap into another person’s strengths? Get help. Put this aside till tomorrow or whenever the person is free to help.

Do you find yourself getting more success putting things off till tomorrow?

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